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I am a transformational coach specializing in guiding parents, teens, and individuals who are committed to personal growth and seeking a path towards alleviating their own suffering. My coaching approach centers on empowering clients to gain insights into their thought processes, enabling them to navigate challenges such as fear, stress, anxiety, and past narratives with greater resilience and clarity.

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May 2024 Workshop Testimonials

Unlocking Life's Simplicity: A Transformational Journey

From Patty M., Massachusetts
"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this workshop. The content and discussions were wonderful. Lee Ann’s facilitation was so effective, inviting an exchange of ideas and experiences that made for rich discussions. She created a safe and respectful space that allowed participants to engage fully and share openly.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I registered for this workshop series, but I am so happy that I was part of it. I took away so many important messages that apply to all parts of my life—personal, professional, family, relationships—and I think people at any stage of life or career will find this invaluable.I highly recommend this workshop. (I may even take it again someday!) I look forward to other programs Lee Ann will offer in the future."

From Heather M., Connecticut
"Thank you for a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and the connection we shared. This was a very positive step on my journey forward after a traumatic time and loss in my life. The messages from Mavis were beautiful and simple, yet sparked meaningful sharing between us and discovery for me personally. Looking forward to more!"

Two NEW Workshops Available - July 2024

Join Lee Ann this July for "Rediscover the Real You" and "How to Worry Better". More information below!

Lee Ann Featured on "Sounds of Health" Podcast

Listen as Lee Ann shares her journey as a transformational coach who helps teens and parents learn techniques of communication, mindfulness / meditation, diet and exercise.

New! 4-Week Workshop • via Zoom
Begins July 9, 2024

Rediscover the Real You

Would you like to unlock your potential to live a full life with ease and clarity? Are you ready to explore how you think about and talk to yourself? Join Lee Ann Dangelo Coaching in an uplifting journey titled "Rediscover the Real You," drawing inspiration from Ankush Jain's transformative book, Sweet Sharing: Rediscovering the REAL You.

New! 1-Day Workshop • In-Person
July 23, 2024 • 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

How to Worry Better

This in-person workshop will explore simple patterns to transform your approach to worry, emphasizing constructive strategies that promote mental well-being and resilience. We will also discuss three common myths about worrying, unraveling misconceptions that often hinder our emotional health. Through guided discussion and thoughtful activities, you'll learn to shift your mindset and cultivate a healthier, more balanced life.Suitable for adults of all ages, this workshop aims to support your journey towards mental well-being.Participants should bring water. Ages 18 and up.Led by Lee Ann Dangelo, Wellbeing Coach

  • Location: Southington YMCA (studio 130), 29 High Street, Southington, CT 06489

  • Date & Time: Tuesday, July 23, 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

  • Investment: $20 for YMCA Full & Family Members; $45 for Non-Members

  • Registration required: Please contact Jolene Miceli at jmiceli@sccymca.org or 860-426-9589

Previous Workshop - May 2024

Unlocking Life's Simplicity: A Transformational Journey

Ever wished life came with a handy manual or easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial? If you've been grappling with life's challenges and yearning for simplicity, you're not alone. Join Lee Ann Dangelo Coaching in an uplifting journey titled "Unlocking Life's Simplicity," drawing inspiration from Mavis Karn's transformative book, It's That Simple: A User’s Manual for Human Beings.

About Lee Ann Dangelo

The 3 Principles Journey

In 2008, my journey with the 3 Principles began when I attended a one-day seminar with Dr. Bill Pettit (of Illinois). The insights I gained that day sparked a profound transformation in my life. I recognized that there was a different way of thinking about challenges, particularly in the context of parenting, and I was determined to explore this path further.

A personal Transformation

My own life took a challenging turn in 2017 when I became a widow and a single mother to two daughters aged 16 and 13. The struggles, fights, and grief we experienced as a family led me to seek a better way to heal and thrive together. Despite traditional family therapy, lasting benefits seemed elusive. In those dark days, I remembered the principles I had encountered years earlier and decided to follow that path.In 2018, I joined The Rewilding Community, a group dedicated to education and practice of the 3 Principles. Two years later, I completed the Rewilders Guide Practitioner Training, a transformational experience that not only saved my family but also brought me profound insights.

The Power of Thought Awareness

I firmly believe that our daily diet, including our thoughts, significantly impacts our well-being. Through my coaching, I help clients become aware of their thoughts and understand how they influence their mood and actions. By recognizing thoughts for what they are – just thoughts – clients can gain greater control over their lives.I practice daily meditation to attain a state of tranquility, serenity, and equilibrium, fostering not only emotional well-being but also enhancing overall health.

Professional Credentials

My extensive background in healthcare administration, management, and consulting provides me with a solid foundation in understanding human behavior and the importance of mental well-being. I hold an MBA from the University of Connecticut, as well as a BA and a BS from the University of Hartford. I am also a certified Group X and Spinning instructor.

Parenting from the Heart

Creating a Calm and Connected Household

Stay tuned for new dates!

If you find yourself not knowing what to do to help your children in these hard and confusing times, you are not alone. Parenting can be hard.

Let's Talk, Parent to Parent

30-Minute Conversation with Lee Ann

Parenting can be a wild ride. Parents often wonder if they are getting it right and question if their child is even listening. What keeps you up at 2:00 am? How can you best support your child? Let's talk!This is a free, no obligation conversation.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much Lee Ann...I get a lovely feeling when we talk. It was so helpful to see what I control and what I can't and the stories we create that aren't true. You are a true blessing."S.B., United Kingdom

"I sat with our conversation yesterday and I wanted to tell you the deep love you gave me with such care and sincerity helped me to see that love inside of me. I felt warm, protected and safe and thus able to manage [the situation] with greater grace."L.B., United Kingdom

"Lee Ann guided me and helped me get quiet, so I could see the situation for what it really was and how I was thinking about it in the moment. Our conversation shifted me and I could see it in a whole new light that I had never considered."D.C., Florida

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